Denial.of.service – Contour & Shape EP (Film)


Thanks to a corrupted bio file, I’ve been able to find out next to nothing about the electronic producer behind Denial.of.service, apart from that he or she is a video producer who’s been active since the 1980s and who’s worked with a number of high profile names including David Bowie. Two years on from Denial.of.service’s debut 12” release ‘Sensou’, this follow-up EP ‘Contour & Shape’ collects together seven new tracks that offer a far more rhythmically energetic counterport to its predecessor’s brooding atmospheres.

After emerging through a haze of buzzing static, ‘Contour & Shape’ sees steely idm breakbeats jittering and flexing against sinister arpeggiated bass sequences while a wash of blurred out television samples float in the background, the murmur of cut-up sounds adding a hallucinatory edge as the rhythms harden into distorted noise bursts. If anything, the underlying feel of these tracks owes just as much to ebm / industrial as it does to the harder end of Rephlex or Warp, with ‘Aka Manto’s data rain of frenetically cut-up and stuttered vocal samples draping itself over a coiled backbone of dark bass sequences, eerie glittering synth motifs, abrasive factory sounds and wafting pads that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Front Line Assembly album, albeit one given a considerably more arrhythmic kick.

Elsewhere, ‘Onryo’ treads a similar path, sending kickdrums rippling against dark jagged synth arpeggios and moody swirling orchestration, the occasionally intelligible phrase rearing its head out of the fragments of sampled speech that stutter and dart beneath. While there isn’t exactly much in the way of diversity in moods between the seven tracks collected here, this is dark fractured electronics of the highest order.


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