Watch the evocative video for ‘Under your skin I cannot touch’ from UK based composer Luca Nasciuti


Luca Nasciuti is an artist and composer based in the UK. He uses field recordings to build complex soundscapes. His latest release ‘Kishar’ is on the London based label Resterecords, and has just been released.

It’s the product of a year long field recording project in Scotland and Iceland. The album is a collection of works on the noise of the land and the marks, past and future, of its people.

This is what he says about the album:

“The rural areas recorded across Scotland and Iceland have been processed and manipulated to reflect on the relationship between the land and human history in light of the current environmental and political debate. The instability and ever changing states of the environment have been placed in the context of enduring noise. Disruption, eruption, energy and resistance are the driving forces that shape the album as a search for balance between opposites poles.”

You can find the album here.

You can find Luca’s website here.


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