Play in Doug Hream Blunt’s band at Dark Mofo in June


If you’ve seen the clips of Doug Hream Blunt and his band performing on public access TV back in the early 90’s you would be extremely jealous, wondering how you could possibly get close to this incredibly music, this amazingly unique musician. Well the good news is that now, some 25 years later you can finally have the opportunity…In Tasmania….8th-21st of June 17.

His album Gentle Persuasion is one of the most remarkable and idiosyncratic private press albums you will ever hear. His music was a kind of super cool super funky soul, yet strange and elongated, blown out, almost hypnotic, punctuated by these quite demented guitar solos that would send everything off the rails to the point of abstraction, before the song would calmly proceed again. We were lucky enough to conduct one of the few interviews with the man when Luaka Bop re released Gentle Persuasion a couple of years ago, and he was one of the warmest kind hearted people we’d ever spoken with. You can read that interview here.

You can register to be in his band here.


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