Flying – Marilyn (Dark Entries)


Milan-based sound engineer Marzio Benelli first formed his Flying partnership with studio programmer Andrea Venturoli after the two worked on Alexander Robotnik’s 1984 track ‘Computer Sourire’, and this debut single ‘Marilyn’ represents just one of two 12” releases from the duo during 1985 before they seemingly vanished altogether. Given that the original 1985 pressing of ‘Marilyn’ on Sound Of Italy is now a highly sought after Italo house classic that fetches prices in the three figures on Discogs, the fact that Dark Entries have just arrived with this more or less perfectly replicated reissue can only be a good thing. In its original mix version on the A-side, ‘Marilyn’ in many ways sits closer to a synth-pop tempo than Italo house, combining Arthur Baker-esque DMX drum breaks with driving synth bass chords and glittering arpeggiation as Stefano Matteoli’s reverb-draped vocal adds a New Romantic feel that’s part Falco, part Men Without Hats.

The influence of breakdance electro sits pretty close to the surface as volleys of snares and handclaps lock in against the throbbing bass sequences, but in this case it’s the outre synth horn bursts and sampled orchestral hits that drag things straight back towards Euro-tinged New Wave. Over on the flip, Flying offer up an eight minute remix of the same track that adds an extended beat intro that scatters metallic electro percussion all over the stereo spectrum, placing the driving dancefloor grooves at the forefront whilst allowing the treated female backing chorus vocals more space to echo through the mix. Think pirate shirts with a clenched New Beat fist, and you’re getting close to what’s on offer here. Great cover art too.


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