Film Premiere: A Conversational Exploration of Sonic Practice


On Wednesday 24th May in Melbourne, artist Todd Anderson-Kunert premieres his new documentary about experimental sound practices at ACMI.

A Conversational Exploration of Sonic Practice explores the very nature of the artistic process through a series of interconnected conversations.

Artist Todd Anderson-Kunert set himself the task of engaging in conversation with a selection of 31 sonic artists for 30 minutes at a time, letting unanswered questions guide the flow of interviews from one artist to the next.

The interviews captured in the film were filmed in Melbourne between 2014 and 2017, and engage with a variety of themes including temporality, performance, fragility, recording, artistic development, and creative process. They offer a fascinating insight into some of the experimental sound communities operating within Melbourne.

Todd Anderson-Kunert is a multidisciplinary artist who works between film, sound, performance, installation, and releases.

Common to all of these areas is an interest in temperospatial speficity, and how these conditions influence the reception of the work. Thematically his works stem from psychological and emotional themes surrounding human existence.

While he has worked with sound and image relationships throughout most of his practice, this is his first feature film project.

A Conversational Exploration of Sonic Practice premieres at ACMI at 7:30pm on Wednesday the 24th of May. Get your tickets here:


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