Watch SADAF’s ‘Drown It’ visual mixtape


SADAF is an Iranian born, New York City-based producer, violinist, vocalist and multi-media artist. SADAF’s visuals, sonics, and confrontational performative tactics confound and upend the inward-looking affect inherent to contemporary performance art. Her work simultaneously draws from and subverts the language of advertising, celebrity, and the gaze.

SADAF’s production wavers between abstraction and lyricism, contemplating the disparate emotional affects inherent in noise, speech and silence. Drawing on global influences such as traditional middle eastern instrumentation, free jazz noise violin, deconstructed Dembow and Reggaeton, and digital hardcore tendencies, she creates an unconventional palette for the post-dj era.

SADAF’s ‘Let It Burn’ EP is coming soon on Outside Insight. You can watch her ‘Drown It’ visual mixtape below;

SADAF – DROWN IT from Sadaf H. Nava on Vimeo.


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