Watch the video for Black Flower’s ‘Lunar Eclipse’


Inspired by artists such as ‘father of Ethiojazz’ Mulatu Astatke, sax giant Getatchew Mekurya and bossman Fela Kuti, Black Flower carve out a groove between the borders of Ethiopiques, Afrobeat, Jazz and Oriental, making soulful music with an eccentric and psychedelic identity and bursting with African rhythm. Their compositions surprise in many ways having at their heart an exotic-sensual sound, but the end result is an ecstatic party like you’ve never experienced before.

Hailing from Belgium, Black Flower’s second full album ‘Artifacts’, out now on Sdban Ultra, is stirred up from deep within, from a sensation of time and space absolving and converging at once. It’s international and ageless, where Eastern influences, Ethiodub and jazz effortlessly merge. Fantasy and reality seem to fuse. In a word: nourishment for body and soul. The band wields influence over their surroundings in a way only heart-and-soul musicians can. This mastery has repeatedly taken them to United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands and Germany.

The video to ‘Lunar Eclipse’ is constructed entirely from archive footage. The video takes you to a cosmic journey, where space feels so close as a dusty projection designed to hypnotize you. A trip to the moon covered with illusions, melting pellicle and blowing rhythms. Certainly you would be wrong if you think you are in control.

You can watch the video for ‘Lunar Eclipse’ below;


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