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‘Man Vs. Sofa’ is the second album by two undeniable heavyweights in UK bass music – Adrian Sherwood and Rob Ellis aka Pinch.

‘Man Vs. Sofa’ is the most fully-realised representation of their collective vision to date. Arguably more cohesive and focused than its predecessor ‘Late Night Endless’, this is an album tooled equally for the bodyblow of the sound system stack and the intimacy of headphone meditation.

Once again a collaborative release between the two seminal and much-loved labels the artists respectively own, On-U Sound and Tectonic, the album sees new colours added to their palette. The beats are more technoid, insectoid and paranoid, with layers of percussive detail laying a web for bright spots of melody and smeared FX to drip through.

‘Man Vs. Sofa’ features notable guests: the piano of Martin Duffy from Primal Scream and Felt decorates five tracks, Dizzee Rascal collaborator Taz completely owns the mic on ‘Gun Law’, whilst Skip McDonald of the Sugarhill Gang, Tackhead and Little Axe lends his talents as a multi-instrumentalist master. And last but by no means least, Lee “Scratch” Perry descends from his black ark to gift ‘Lies’ with pearls of cosmic wisdom.

Of the making of this album, Pinch comments, “Having spent around five years working together, our work flow has developed and improved considerably, and we both feel that the music we’re making now is something neither of us could or would do alone. Adrian has amassed a bunch of new (old) studio equipment over the last couple of years too, so there’s been a lot more stuff to play about with, and that’s expressed in some of the directions the tracks go in. I hope it resonates with listeners as much as it does with us.” Sherwood concurs: “I’m really proud of ‘Man Vs. Sofa’ – Pinch and I have developed a proper great sound together and this is a real step forward.”

You can stream the entire ‘Man vs Sofa’ album below;


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