Listen to John Tejada’s remix of Max Cooper’s ‘Cyclic’


In November last year Max Cooper released EMERGENCE an epic, operatic, amalgamation between audio-visual show, scientific research project, art installation and IDM record. EMERGENCE is the story of the development of the universe, the way in which very complex things like human beings were created from the immaterial by the action of simple laws.

The upcoming album of remixes curated by Max is packed with friends and other artists he admires. He’ll be releasing a DJ friendly 12” vinyl with 6 remixes on, and a new digital album with the full suite of 10 remixes. It takes the LP from an incredible home listening experience and onto the dance floor. At the same time, REMIXED is a coherent album in its own right. On the 12” will be the remixes from Vessels, Rival Consoles, Tom Hodge, Kimyan Law, Christian Loffler and Ash Koosha. Meanwhile, the full digital LP also has remixes from Patrice Bäumel, Joe Farr, John Tejada and Hidden Orchestra.

You can listen to John Tejada’s remix of ‘Cyclic’ below;


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