Listen to Clark’s ‘Peak Magnetic’ off his upcoming ‘Death Peak’ album


Clark returns this spring with Death Peak. The album deftly weaves together the various threads of his extensive work, intertwining euphoric melodies and visceral rhythms of warehouse rave with newer vocal and choral elements. Death Peak is out April 7 on Warp Records via Inertia Music.

Death Peak exposes the tension in Clark’s musical vocabulary “I love finding the fulcrum between opposites – I want my tracks to have sharp teeth, but you want to stroke them too. They sound ancient, but beamed in from the future, soft, corrosive.”

Album track “Peak Magnetic” is a club-ready 4am affair – vigorous, singular, hard to define. As Clark explains “I wanted the kick to sound like some massive natural event, barely controlled, a boulder bouncing down a hill with birds tweeting around it. A complete mud-ball of a pulse that anchors everything to it through sheer mass. It makes me think of outdoor spring time raving.”

You can listen to ‘Peak Magnetic’ below;


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