Watch Radian’s highly textural ‘Scary Objects’ video


It’s unfair to use the word underrated but you can’t deny that Vienna’s Radian have never received the kind of acclaim many of their Thrill jockey label mates continue to enjoy, and it’s a crime because their music is consistently engaging forward thinking and quite remarkable – their use of electrics is consistently unlike any other artist around.

The trio of Martin Brandlmayr, John Norman, and Martin Siewert, “use the method of “microscopic“ recording to zoom into sounds that would more typically be overlooked: the rattling of a marble on Brandlmayr’s crotale placed on a snare like in “Codes and Sounds,” the beauty and richness of cymbals, acoustic guitars played quietly and recorded closely.”

This video was directed by Billy Roisz and Dieter Kovacic

Their latest album, On Dark Silent Off, is out now. You can find more information here.


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