Watch the video for Max Cooper’s ‘Order From Chaos’


UK-based electronic producer Max Cooper has just released another video, this time for ‘Order From Chaos’, the second track to be lifted from his new album ‘EMERGENCE’.

‘EMERGENCE’ is an epic, operatic, ambitious amalgamation between audio-visual show, scientific research project, art installation and IDM record, the debut release on Max Cooper’s Mesh label and his second full-length release.

Cooper collaborated with film composer Tom Hodge and vocalist Kathrin deBoer to put together a rich piece of music that incorporates post-rock, Warp-y brain-dance, hi-def digital techno and shimmering neo-classical. Few musicians are as qualified as Max to tackle as profound an idea as ‘emergence’ through electronic music. ‘EMERGENCE’ is the story of the development of the universe, the way in which, very complex things like human beings where created from the immaterial by the action of simple laws.

You can watch the video for ‘Order From Chaos’ below;


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