Panoram – A Doom With A View (Origin Peoples) Cassette


Having immersed myself in mixtape culture since my early teens, you get to know collectives all over the globe who approach the mixtape with a similar eclectic angle, balancing the line of stolen segments, and original production, where the sounds and the journey are what make the listener want to listen again, and again… Origin Peoples are one such collective from the US, expertly chiselled for the discerning listener, wonderfully eclectic mixes of other worldly sounds, the scope of music is dazzling, I would highly recommend you become familiar over at

For this release Origin Peoples had Italian producer Panoram put together two sprawling tracks for a limited cassette release, and what we get is A Doom With A View, the remit of eclectic sounds immediately fits with the labels philosophy, taking the listener on a genre hopping journey, through muffled voices, sombre keys, dusty drums, and effect laden electronics. Panoram take us on a journey with his original productions, but there’s a familiarity here, stolen segments wash in and out of the mix, with an almost cosmic groove. Fragile piano pieces merge with krautrock rhythms, 80’s bass sits atop warm synths, smooth Kid Loco-esque grooves weave amongst jazz-rock workouts. I would say doom is misleading, but the tone is most definitely sombre, oozing widescreen cinematic appeal from ever pore, an hour long baeleric journey through the cosmic outer reaches of the future past. If you’ve explored the mixtapes released by Demdike Stare of late, you’ll find this just as captivating, but avoiding much of the abrasive weirdness for a much smoother transition through the universe of sound from Panoram.

If you want to be guided through a journey of sounds, and who doesn’t like a finely produced and curated lesson, this has so much to offer the listener, and I guarantee you will want to come back and listen again, every time is a new education. This format fits the resurgence of the cassette tape so well, you can press play and the music does the rest, no random shuffle or spliced playlist, the journey how Panoram wants you to experience it. So go experience it. Buy here: Panoram


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