Help Clayton Thomas fund the Now Now Festival and in return he’ll perform a 24 hour bass solo


It’s a strange concept but given the lack of public funds for Sydney’s best improvised festival, Thomas has turned to what he does best.

This is what he has written in his GoFundMe page:

“There are more than 50 artists performing at the festival, over four nights in three spaces. In a Sydney suffering from the shut-down of venues and the cultural annihilation that comes from rent-hikes, lock-outs, and all-pervasive pop-monoculture, events like the NOW now are vital.

How do we breed creativity if we can’t present it?

To raise the money, i’m going to do what I was born to do, play the bass. But instead of playing a concert, I’m going to play for 24 hours, from sunrise to sunrise on January 14 – and livestream it for the world to watch. This may be painful. Actually it will be painful.”

He will be performing the bass solo on January 14 at Mona in Tasmania.

You can contribute to the future of Now Now here.


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