dualplover to host a series of summer gigs in Sydney to celebrate turning 25 in 3 years


Yep, it’s what the title says, with the label (run by our favourite noise glass player Lucas Abela) hosting a series of gigs at Jubilee Park (glebe sydney) over the summer of 16/17. In true plover fashion these gigs will host all manner of strange odd, weird and beautiful music.

The first show is December 11 and they’re showcasing label alumni:

Jasmine Guffond, bass player with Alternahunk (their second release in 1996), LUCY CLICHEÂ and Matthew P. Hopkins from Naked On The Vague will perform seperate sets, late addition MC Bushpig from the delightful Suicide Rap Orgy or equally delightful Passenger of Shit, and what would be a plover gig without a set by glass munching JUSTICE YELDHAM. Garry Bradbury is on the decks along with Smallcock, Swerve and alternahunks own Phoebe Jeebe.

Besides music the afternoon will start off with a round of costumed cricket, so come dressed as a member of either the Goth or Firefighting teams to take part. The sport will start about 6:00pm till lack of light and will be accompanied by music, BBQ and a music market*

Live sets will kick off after dark and run till about 10 and music over by 11. The gig is outdoors and for logistical reasons free to walk into so the evening will work on a tipping / honor system, so after every act Swerve Harris and Lucas Abela will be passing the hat and if you can afford it must chip in. Vegan and otherwise BBQ items and beer will be available by donation to help our hosts BigFAGPress cover the rent, you are welcome to bring your own BBQ items and Drinks but are encouraged to donate to the bar a cooking or corkage fee for gas or ice and just cleaning up afterwards.

The show is easily located just near the Jubilee Park light rail stop, just alight the train and looking towards the field turn left until you find us at The Big Fag press juts under the rail line. You can also take most buses that head down glebe point road that stop pretty close by.

m p hopkins
https://soundcloud.com/ mphopkins

lucy cliche
https://soundcloud.com/ lucy-cliche
justice yeldham (lucas abela)
https://soundcloud.com/ lucas-abela

Jasmine Guffond
https://soundcloud.com/ jasmineguffond

mc bushpig
https://soundcloud.com/ passengerofshit

You can find the facebook event here.


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