Watch the video for GAIKA’s ‘Another Hole In Babylon’


To celebrate the release of the critically lauded EP ‘Spaghetto’ earlier this spring, GAIKA has released a new film to accompany the track ‘Another Hole In Babylon’. The film starring Zawe Ashton explores the EP’s themes of love, tension and political strife. GAIKA says about Another Hole In Babylon: “The film is about a few interlocking things. It’s human emotion existing within reality. I think a lot of the time in music or art, we live in a fantasy world, and living in that fantasy world and being completely separated from reality, becomes normal, but it’s weird to me. I wanted to try and make something that really shows how I feel, that those things aren’t separate, feelings aren’t abstract from forces. If you take an idea, abstract it, reality can and will still show through. There’s that, and then it’s also about my parents and experiences that they witnessed, in some regard, as truth be told, you can’t separate the spaghetti from the sauce. On some level it’s about the world that we live in at the moment too as much as it about people in a knightsbridge basement in 1975”

‘Spaghetto’ is out now through Warp Records / Inertia. You can watch the video for ‘Another Hole In Babylon’ below;


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