Watch the video for Daedelus’ ‘Special Re:Quest’


Alfred Darlington, the producer better known as Los Angeles beat godfather Daedelus, is fresh off the release of his latest full-length project, Labyrinths, which is out now on his label, Magical Properties. He’s just released a new video for the track ‘Special Re:Quest’, which was directed by Dawid Krepski and features an early animation style known as phenakistoscopes, which were designed & created by Drew Tetz.

Phenakistoscopes were invented as a pre-cinema, pre-gif style of animation by Belgian scientist Joseph Plateau in 1832. It uses a spinning wheel composed of varying marks or slits that when rotated have the illusion of a moving, animated picture. In “Special Re:Quest”, the phenakistoscopes are engraved on a series of wooden discs acting as vinyl records and played on turntables slowed down to their proper BPM settings to reenact varying scenes ranging from Daedelus himself performing to flowers and other animated objects.

Daedelus’ new album ‘Labyrinths’ is out now on Magical Properties. You can watch the video for ‘Special Re:Quest’ below;


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