LIsten to Ikonika’s remix of Austra’s ‘Utopia’


Austra, the recording project led by Canadian vocalist and producer Katie Stelmanis, recently announced their third full length LP Future Politics, out January 20th 2017 via Domino. Now, Austra have released a remix by Hyperdub’s Ikonika for Future Politics’ lead single ‘Utopia’.

Stelmanis says; “Ikonika is one of my favorite producers and I was super excited she wanted to do a remix. I love what she did with ‘Utopia’; the new chord progressions are really unexpected but come together so beautifully in the chorus.”

As did Ikonika, who said:
“Good form is ubiquitous. We all wanna share our achievements via social media. We can easily be distracted by it. One lyric I had on loop making this remix was ‘My work is valid, I can’t prove it, but I know’. I always thought of myself as online shy, but I learnt I just can’t be bothered much.”

You can listen to Ikonika’s remix of ‘Utopia’ below;


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