Watch the video for HHAARRPP & JNXYZ’s ‘Blood Moon’


Electronica musician HHAARRPP (Luke Jaaniste) is collaborating with film-maker JNXYZ (Jona Nalder) to create a set of atmospheric and cinematic music-films. Their first pair of music-films, BLOOD MOON and LINES IN THE SAND, are now released online. These will be premiered in a live sonic-film extended performance at Brisbane’s Metro Arts Cinema Space in an event titled INFINITE DAWN (Sunday 11 December 2016).

Blending the cinematic electronica of HHAARRPP with ambient landscape footage of JNXYZ, each HD film is cut from the same single take of 4K footage of a blazing sunrise overlooking the Pacific Ocean, shot on location at Shorncliffe Pier just north of Brisbane. HHAARRPP describes the glorious morning of the shoot: “I was supposed to come to, but I slept in. When Jona (JNXYZ) arrived back from his trip, and showed me the footage, I was pretty blown away. We might never capture something like that again. And would you believe something so cinematic was shot on an iPhone? I was so inspired to join my music with this dreamy imagery. Felt like such a natural fit.”

Once the geometry and colour field took hold in JNXYZ’s post-production editing, HHAARRPP reworked two existing music tracks to match the arc of the footage, resulting in what Jona describes as “our hypnotic and atmospheric take on the music-video that is also a type of ambient cinema… as much music for the film as it is film for the music.”

You can watch the video for ‘Blood Moon’ below;


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