John Barry’s previously lost score to Walkabout to be released for the first time


Long considered lost, John Barry’s (James Bond/ Howard the Duck) score to Nicolas Roeg’s 1971 masterpiece Walkabout, a survival story of two children lost in the scorched Australian wilderness, has recently been discovered by local label the Roundtable. The film, which introduced the world to David Gulpilil, is one of the most unique Australian features of the 1970’s, and the score is similarly iconic, an hallucinogenic mix of exotic romanticism, children’s nursery rhyme and potent psychedelic experimentation – which strangely enough despite the predominantly bush setting also features synth and less surprising didgeridoo.

Walkabout, along with the mysterious experimental electronic score Peter Weir’s 1997 feature The Last Wave will be released by the Roundtable on the 21st of November. You can find more information here.

Check out the spooky chorals of Children’s theme from Walkabout:


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