Nisennenmondai – #6 (On-U Sound)


Released late last year, Tokyo post-punk trio Nissennenmondai’s sixth studio album ‘N/A’ saw them collaborating with On-U Sound head honcho Adrian Sherwood, a creative marriage that was simply begging to happen. Several months on, this latest 12” release ‘#6’ offers up a track left over from the band’s studio sessions with Sherwood, alongside a remix by Throbbing Gristle / Carter Tutti’s Chris Carter. In its original form, ‘#6’ sees Nissennenmondai generating slowly-building motorik momentum as ticking hi-hats roll against eerie dubbed out guitar scrapes and a distant muted bass pulse, the background drones gradually rising in intensity as the snares accelerate into a nervously jittery rush.

There’s a sense of the constantly building tension never really being released as chiming fretboard noises and rattling textures lurk like ghosts amidst a claustrophobic veil of gauzing droning textures. If in its original mix form ‘#6’ has a closer kinship to dark ambient than anything really post-punk styled, on the flipside Chris Carter’s reworking places vast rolling rhythms at its centre, as steel-plated snares mechanically stomp away against darkly pulsing bass synths and what sound like pressurised rushes of steam. With its relentless sense of creeping industrial menace conjuring up an image of some merciless oncoming storm, it manages to edge the original mix out as the most satisfying offering on this latest release from the always interesting Nissennenmondai.


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