Help fund “Zerzura” a psychedelic Jodorowski influenced acid western set in the Sahara


“Zerzura” is a feature length film shot in the Sahara desert. Mixing folktales and documentary, the film follows a young man from in Niger who leaves home in search of an enchanted oasis. His journey leads him into a surreal vision of the Sahara, crossing paths with djinn, bandits, gold seekers, and migrants. A folktale transposed onto an acid western, the film is a collaborative fiction, written and developed with a Tuareg cast, and shot in and around Agadez, Niger.

check out the trailer here:

It comes from Christopher Kirkley, the Sahel Sounds boss, a label who have released over 30 odd releases from the Sahel including Mauritarian wedding music, music from Saharan cellphones and cosmic synth music from Niger. He also previously directed AKOUNAK TEDALAT TAHA TAZOUGHAI (2015), a feature length Tuareg language homage to Purple Rain. You can read our interview with him here.

They need some cash for post production and they’re offering a whole bunch of incentives including everything from a copy of the soundtrack and the finished film to an opportunity to become an executive producer. You can pledge and find more information here.


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