Watch the complete Melbourne performance of ‘Water Pushes Sand’ by the Australian Art Orchestra and performers from Sichuan, China


Water Pushes Sand from Australian Art Orchestra on Vimeo.

Late last year our editor Bob Baker Fish went along to see a pretty amazing cross cultural experience and couldn’t stop raving about it. The Australian Art Orchestra have now put the entire concert online. It’s a pretty incredible fusion of cultures, though make sure you stick around until the 55 minute mark when you will witness a remarkable mask swapping dance. If you know how he does it, please tell us.

Composer Erik Griswold and the Australian Art Orchestra collaborated with all-star musicians and performers of Sichuan, China to create a colourful collage of voice, winds, piano and percussion. The ten-piece big band fuses Sichuan melodies and rhythms with modern jazz improvisation, face changing mask dance and projections created by video artist Scott Morrison, which evoke and abstract busy urban streetscapes.

Composition and Piano Erik Griswold
Trumpet, Artistic Director Peter Knight
Drums and Percussion Vanessa Tomlinson
Saxophone Tim O’Dwyer
Double Bass Sam Pankurst

Water Pushes Sand 水推沙

Zheng Sheng Li 郑胜利
Shi Lei 石磊
Zhou Yu 周宇
Zhou Taotao 周桃桃
Zhong Kaizhi 钟开志

You can find more information about the Australian Art Orchestra here.


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