Watch المقدمة (Intro) from Tashweesh


Intro – المقدمة from Tashweesh – تشويش on Vimeo.

It’s pretty old, some 6 or so years old, but it’s pretty amazing.

Tashweesh is an audio-visual group that brings together installation based artists Basel Abbas and Ruanne Abou-Rahme with musician and performer boikutt, combining their different practices and interests in a joint performance, using sound, music, image and text. The result is an exploration of the collision between sound and video field recordings, archive material, vocals, breaks and soundscapes.

The name Tashweesh, meaning ‘interference’ in Arabic, effectively articulates how they envision their work as offering a creative intervention against the political stagnation faced in Palestine. The artists have previously performed individually and together as the widely acclaimed Ramallah Underground, which successfully toured numerous venues and festivals around the world since 2003.

In fact check out this recent track from one of the members of Tashweesh, producer and musician Muqata’a.

You can find more info about the group here.


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