Listen to Makeda’s Meditation on Mandatory Detention


Melbourne based experimental electronic musician Makeda Zucco has recently released NOT VOTING FOR THIS // A meditation on mandatory detention in Australia on the eve of the upcoming election in Australia. Makeda’s sound collage comprises a selection of ambient music with text from Behrouz Boochani overlaid. It is an effectively haunting and powerful reminder of our government’s human rights abuses in the face of a potential second term for our right-wing government.

From the Makeda/All Day Breakfast Soundcloud page:

This collage hopefully serves two purposes:

First, to spread an informed primary view of the situation on the Manus Island and Nauru detention centres. The text used here is taken from an article written by Behrouz Boochani (an Iranian journalist, and refugee currently detained on Manus) recently printed in the Saturday Paper —…43576003302

Second, I hope this may also encourage listeners to vote very carefully in this upcoming Australian election. Talk, share and discuss what you learn and read with all who will listen. It’s vital for everyone to be as fully informed and engaged as possible. Lack of engagement is continuing to allow unethical decisions through the back door.


Steve Reich ‘Clapping Music’
Car start up sample from Yves Tumor ‘Hileah’
Wench ‘Sick’
Felicita. ‘Heads Will Roll’
Elysia Crampton ‘Lake’


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