Listen to an exclusive mixtape from Temporal Cast for Cyclic Defrost


Temporal Cast is a Melbourne record label that has released the likes of Cale Sexton and Kangaroo Skull. They’re showcasing their label on sunday July 3rd at Shadow electric as part of label of love, featuring live sets from three Temporal Cast mainstays – Cale Sexton, Kangaroo Skull and Jamal Amir – as well the newest addition to the label: Chiara Kickdrum. Support before and between sets from X Axis. You can find more info here.

To get us in the mood label honcho James Clark has put together a mix of Temporal Cast artists as well as some new and not so new Soundcloud favourites. Enjoy.

You can find more info about Temporal Cast, a label that has emerged from Melbourne’s northern suburbs, here.

(PS The Pic is Kangaroo Skull)


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