Watch Mei, the first signing on Markus Popp’s new label.


Mei (the Japanese feminine name, pronounced “May”) is the artistic alter ego of Dijon-based newcomer producer, singer, dancer and choreographer Caroline Masson. She does all the songwriting/editing “on an ordinary laptop”, but her results are far from ordinary.

She’s the first signing for Markus Popp‘s (Oval) new label, UOVOOOO.

They describe her music as:
“Yearning, melancholic, post-clubbing space ballads, flirty, fragmented, avant-pop and somber, haunting “Exotica”-infused melodies, ripped from old movie soundtracks over glitchy beats. Also, neo-baroque instrumentals, sounds of nature / wildlife and pastel-colored, and faux industrial.”

“Feles” comes from the album “Partura”.
More info here.


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