DJ SCSI – The Ghetto Tech Seven EP (Hard Beach Entertainment)


Detroit-based electronic producer DJ SCSI is something of an enigmatic figure, with 1997’s ‘Communication’ 12” on D-Bass offering up his one and only release before he seemingly drifted off into the ether. Thankfully for their third outing relatively new label Hard Beach Entertainment have somehow managed to coax him out of hiding, with this 12” release ‘The Ghetto Tech Seven EP’ offering up four previously unreleased tracks from DJ SCSI recorded during the period spanning 1997-2002. As the title suggests, there’s a definite focus upon streamlined ghettotech / booty-bass styles here sans the explicit samples and vocals, with more of an emphasis upon relentlessly rolling machine energy. It’s also notable just how well these tracks have aged over the ensuing years.

‘Bounce’ opens proceedings as a vaguely Kraftwerk-esque collision of electro rhythms and grunts collides with snapping hiphop breaks, relentlessly blipping synths adding a vaguely restrained sense of chaos beneath the finely honed pops and locks. ‘Detroit Boogie’ meanwhile manages to start out all atmospheric and soulful as dewy keyboard samples trail back and forth against a backbone of stomping house kickdrums and hard-edged snare kicks, but it isn’t long before a grinding bassline starts to wriggle its way insistently into the foreground, its monotonous pulse heightening the implacable assembly line like mechanistic atmospheres.

On the flipside, ‘LapDanz’ offers up what’s arguably this EP’s most straight-up ghettotech track as pitchshifted vocal samples get cut up and stuttering against a writhing backdrop of deep analogue bass tones, handclaps and jittery synth arpeggios, before ‘Strictly 4 The Jitterz’ strips things right back as ricocheting broken rhythms arc against a sputtering bass pulse and delayed-out handclaps in an offering that’s vaguely reminiscent of ‘Analogue Bubblebath’-era AFX. Well worth seeking out.


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