Liquid Architecture present Ensemble Economique as part of Ritual Community Music


Liquid Architecture are presenting another peculiar sonic experience

“Folk, Noise, Electronics, Improvisation – how can radical music help us manifest new possibilities for thinking and imagine new ways of organising community through ritual behaviours, actions and languages?

Music as a model for civil society—decoding metaphorical power structures, violence, empathy, ecstasy and cooperation.”

We’re not entirely sure what all that means but we can confirm the lineup.

Ensemble Economique (Humboldt County, USA)
—Subterranean Rain (Sydney, Australia)
—Various Asses (Melbourne, Australia)

WED 24 Feb 2016
7pm – 10pm
Tape Projects
1/81 Bouverie St Carlton, Melbourne, Australia


More details here.

This is what they have to say about Ensemble Economique:
“From Humboldt County, California, made music for years in the cult group Starving Weirdos before wandering off, adopting the Ensemble Economique moniker and travelling the globe like a Lynchian version of Hemingway, mining the thin layer between restlessness and relaxation, gloom and serenity.”

We hope to have an interview with them in the near future. In the meantime have a listen.


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