Lights That Change – Song of The Siren (Raphalite Records)


Lights That Change are a four piece “alternative dream pop outfit” also considered shoegaze and ethereal wave, from Wales, who won me over with the subtlety of their version of Tim Buckleys renowned ‘Song of the Siren’. Formed by Marc Joy (guitar bass sonic creations), with Mandy Clare on vocals, bass by John Bryn and drum programming by Mal Holmes.

‘Song of the Siren’ begins a gentle sonic progression leading us over the dark of night out on the road alone. Mandy Clare’s voice comforts us amidst a spacious array that welcomes us with the promise of more. In the video a light flickers at the end of our path and the ghostly musicians appear, for a second.

We get a sneak peak into the forthcoming Byzantium album due for release in early 2016 with the tracks ‘Starlight’ and ‘Voices’. ‘Starlight’ has an immediate closeness of voice and acoustic guitar, both up front and soon augmented by stunning melodic bass and jangle guitars. It has a melancholic leaning, but not forsaken. A pleasurable listen, a companion that leaves us prematurely to wonder for more.

‘Voices’ features great solid drums and bass guitar, at a mellow tempo with dreamy vocals. The rhythm section makes the track, solid as a rock and the guitars and voice drift across the top effortlessly. It is gone to soon. A fantastic insight be sure to check out Byzantium in early 2016

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