Various Artists – Cosmic Cake (Uncomfortable Beats)


As we start to near the end of the year, it’s time for another instalment in Melbourne-based beats collective Uncomfortable Beat’s regular ongoing compilation series, with this latest eighth download only volume ‘Cosmic Cake’ gathering together 17 tracks from an international cast of predominantly new names. Unfortunately given the lack of detailed liner notes and the fact that I’m previously unfamiliar with the majority of the artists here, with a few exceptions I’ve been unable to confirm the various locations that they hail from. Still, the above lack of detail is certainly no obstacle to enjoying this characteristically inspired selection. As with Uncomfortable Beats’ preceding compilations, the emphasis falls upon hip hop / beats-based structures, but within those parameters there’s a very wide range of stylistic terrain being explored here.

++Ding++ opens proceedings on a deep and smooth note with ‘One Sided’, sending snapping hip hop beats stuttering and skipping against deep swelling funk bass and phased synth trails, snatches of reverbed-out MC vocals adding a dubby edge to the erratically glitchy aesthetic. BenJamin Banger’s ‘Noise’ sees the looming influence of trap coming to the fore as as glittering snare rolls ride against cavernous sub-bass drops and synth-horn stabs, the presence of bleepy electronics adding a chaotically urgent undertone to the swaggering grooves. Zeke Beats’ electro-centred ‘SPKR THMP’ meanwhile manages to do exactly what it says on the tin, sending eerie robotic vocal samples rolling against an ominous backdrop of buzzing analogue synths and heavy drum machine kicks, while elsewhere Perth producer Yarhkob’s ‘Earl Golden Jr.’ sees things taking a sidetrip out into classic nineties junglist styles as scissoring breakbeats roll against soulful pads and huge bass drops. Another characteristically excellent compilation from Uncomfortable Beats that sees the Melbourne collective offering up a selection that’s pure class, all the way through.

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