Watch Goldenen Zitronen’s incredibly topical “If I Were A Sneaker”


Lyrically Goldenen Zitronen’s “If I Were A Sneaker” illuminates the juxtaposition between Europe’s closed-door immigration policies and the free global movement of consumer items. Visually, we are invited into the world of the successful elite where every key position is occupied by someone who is – supposedly – evidently not of German origin.

Over 10 albums and three decades German avantgard art punk collective Die Goldenen Zitronen have collaborated with artists such as Peaches, Chicks On Speed, Françoise Cactus (of Stereo Total), Mark Stewart (of The Pop Group), DJ Koze or Wesley Willis (with whom the band toured the US) just to name a few. Singing in both German and English, their sounds veer between punk, techno and krautrock, though with the six members also involved in theatre and film projects, their visual aesthetics are also important part of the band’s unique approach.

“If I were a Sneaker” is the first glimpse of their forthcoming 11th album, which will be released on September 18th on Leipzig/ Germany based record label Altin Village & Mine.


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