Watch Dario Buccino’s fascinating “Il nulla non è neutro n° 1” for Lamiera HN® and Choir at Make Music Milan


Italian experimental musician Dario Buccino makes incredibly expressive music using steel. He is a performative composer, inventor of the HN System®, instrumentalist, vocalist, teacher, theorist and designer of musical instruments.

His research focuses on the most experimental forms of composition and extends all the way to music for theatre, dance, visual art and cinema, also embracing free improvisation, the song form, music teaching, street performance and collaborations with artists in the rock, jazz and pop scenes.

He also has a link to Australia with Extreme Records releasing his fascinating Corpo nostro DVD in 2009. We reviewed it here.

Enjoy his recent steel performance of “Il nulla non è neutro n° 1” for Lamiera HN® and Choir. He performed it with the Laboratorio Corale di Milano for Make Music Milan, the open air music festival which takes place every first day of summer in Milan!

More details of his work can be found here.


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