Listen to Sleep Promotes Sleep – New EP from Abre Ojos


Have a listen to some new material from Abre Ojos. Sleep Promotes Sleep is his new EP, that he’s just put on his bandcamp page for free download.

The Melbourne AV artist makes dystopian meditation music, doom laden hypnotic noise and his latest EP is no exception.

When we caught up with him in 2013, he told us that:

“…the lesson learnt for me was to worship however I want, to make my church where ever I lay my hat, that the keys to heaven are no longer held by gate keeper priests, swarmis, gurus or shaman- that sitting in the studio tuning an oscillator by using my ears, heart and spirit is as valid a path to enlightenment as a bed of nails or fasting in the desert for 40 days. For that matter riding a bike, a skateboard, listening to the sounds of a river all are valid forms of ‘worship’.”

This new EP of tracks was made from the end of 2014 into 2015. Equipment included Elektron AnalogFour & Octatrack, DSI Pro2, Korg ES1 Electribe, NI Maschine and Eurorack modular.


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