Sam Pekop presents “A Geometric” video made entirely using modular synthesizers


The singer, guitarist and multi instrumentalist from Chicago outfit The Sea and Cake, Sam Pekop has increasingly moved towards more modular synthetic environments in his solo work. We used words like ‘lush’, ‘inviting’, ‘ambient’ and ‘minimal’ to describe his most recent album, 2015’s The Republic.

From his press release:

“In recent years, he has also established himself as a modular synthesist, building his instrument meticulously to find the perfect combination of oscillators, sequencers, limiters and filters to create a system that allows him to create sounds that are surprising and inviting. His new album The Republic is his latest synthesizer work, following 2010’s Old Punch Card, and showcases Prekop’s talent for creating expressive music through mechanical patterns, repetitions, and chance.”

The video was created by Brownshoesonly, a Chicago-based artist who uses modular synthesisers to create impressionistic video pieces. He has created visuals for M83, Cave, The National, Excepter, and more. Both the music and the visual components of the video were created by modular synth.


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