Various Artists – Strain Of Origin IV (Feral Media / LoFly Recordings)


Strain Of Origin IV

Four years into its existence this latest volume in Feral Media and LoFly Recordings’ ‘Strain Of Origin’ compilation series sees the two labels sticking with the formula that’s already borne so much fruit on preceding chapters, which each artist contributing a track to be remixed and in turn remixing another artist’s track themselves. Given the aforementioned compilation strategy, many of the biggest surprises here come from the more unexpected collisions that result, and as is customary by now for the ‘Strain Of Origin’ series, there’s an extremely broad range of stylistic territory being explored over the 15 tracks gathered here. Super Magic Hats kick proceedings off with a remix of Tim Fitz’s ‘Gimme Some Love’ that sees wavering cut-up vocals intersecting with gentle analogue synths against clicking broken rhythms in what’s easily one of this collection’s more pop-oriented moments.

Electric Sea Spider meanwhile reworks Lower Spectrum’s ‘Estuary’ into a widescreen rush of tumbling percussive rhythms and spiralling piano keys that evokes similar majestic territory to Flying Lotus’ recent ‘You’re Dead!’ collection, particular as ghostly female soul vocals flit through the mix. Elsewhere, Shisd’s reworking of PMM’s ‘No Technical Hangups’ offers up this collection’s most fullbodied lunge towards the dancefloor, taking things off on a dark ride through tribal techno rhythms and spooky dubbed-out vocal samples that unleashes plenty in the way of rattling snare roll action, before Pimmon turns Spartak’s ‘Child Soldiers’ into six minutes of spectral dark ambience as what sound like treated strings trail like fog behind an eerie foreground of bleeps and frequency modulated tones, the dry repetitive rasp of clicking textures adding a weary-sounding edge. As with the previous volumes in the ‘Strain Of Origin’ series, this is pretty stellar stuff. What’s even better is that you can download ‘Strain Of Origin IV’ for free from


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