Coleco – Induction EP (Inflect Audio)



As Coleco, Bristol-based electronic producer Alexander Shailer has been responsible for a steady stream of bass-oriented releases over the last six years, and this latest five track download-only EP ‘Induction’ represents the second release on his new Inflect Audio label, on the heels of his ‘Spatial’ EP earlier this year. While Coleco’s earlier work saw him operating in dubstep / bass music spheres, the influence of classic jungle and footwork is far more present on these new tracks. Title track ‘Induction’ kicks things off with an eerie wander out into wavering minor key synths and clattering metallic breakbeats that gradually builds into a storm of ominous bass, only to suddenly lock down into flexing industrial-edged drum and bass that calls to mind more than a hint of RAM Recordings.

‘Tryptamine’ takes the junglist baton and runs with it, sending steely Dilinja-esque breakbeats racing alongside dark sub-bass drops and stabbing rave synths as buzzing electronic effects add to the tension levels, before ‘Micro’ drops the pace down into lithe airy footwork, sending rattling snare rolls curving around gamecore synths and deep surging bass tones and sonar-like tones bleep away in the foreground. Elsewhere, ‘Twenty One And Beyond’ offers up a jittery ride through bumpy melodic synth tones and vast sculpted bass sweeps that’s easily one of this EP’s most dubstep-kissed moments, albeit given some additional juke-y swagger thanks to the addition of rattling footwork snares. Well worth seeking out.


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