Sun Glitters – Fading Days EP (Mush Records)


European summer is fast approaching  its penultimate day, yet Victor Ferreira (Sun Glitters) a name synonymous with producing immersive chill wave – cares not. Releasing his second work for 2014 the Luxembourg based artist (who is represented on Mush Records) is inspiring us once more with his aptly titled EP: Fading Days. Exactly what one dreams of when soaking up those last summer rays.

Scattered into Light (his long player released earlier this year) laconically lingered. Its closing track, ‘Feeling Young’ injects the spirit of youth and wistfulness via haze filled electronica. Fading Days perhaps is intended then as a postscript to the album, using the four songs to story tell further on the emotional highs and sometime lows summer can bring.

Ferreira’ sweet spot is nestled between minimalism and drone-house. He dares to experiment with repetitive vocals, successfully, so that they may create the rhythmic structure underlying tracks which in turn cascades into hypnotising layering of instruments. This is best exemplified in opener: “Tell Me, Why You’. The staccato delivery of the two title phrases, blend seamlessly to fuel this song’ emotional disarmament. In contrast, fuzzy envelopment of keys and guitar whirr playfully in the title track “Fading Days’, eliciting a sultry soaked-in feeling.

Growing his fan base through live performance and regular release of new material since 2011, Sun Glitters shows no signs of wavering. For the heliophilic who exist out there –  craving sun-drenched delights, long after the summer sun has set, this ambient shoegaze, is one you will want to embrace.


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