In Bob We Trust (Madman)


In Bob We Trust  (Apparition 2013), starts delightfully with a solitary wander,  through Bobs South Melbourne parish. We are than transported to an ocean shore encounter between Bob and the Angel of Death. Bob’ humour and superb scriptwriting capture the essence of this much loved man. We follow his daily movements  and recounting of  his thoughts and interactions. We are given  3459 years of history lessons in a nutshell from the Age of Pharaoh to Christ and the Catholic legacy bringing us to today, Bob style.

“This is my body this is my blood so shut up about all the other sacrifices- cause you got one staring you in the face. No more blood”  Bob says of J.C.

We explore politics, relationships, management, bishops and priests, lay people the homeless and drug addicted.

As Parish head of South Melbourne’ Sts Peter and Paul, he is formally invited to retire by Archbishop Denis Hart on his 75th birthday. He declines the invitation.

And so Bobs struggle to retain his livelihood and calling begins. His trademark humour and rebellious spirit shines through as he challenges his removal from office . “Congratulations, you are 75 now get out! …All the saints were rebels” says Bob. We get to see the pain Bob carries and the feelings of being betrayed  and dismissed, for a life given in service. We are presented with a picture of a priest who mocks convention and adheres to the truth as he sees it and his loved by his community.

The movie speaks of David and Goliath encounters, the little man versus the power of Rome. “They have to find a way of dealing with dissidents…there is a special role to be played by people called prophets, people who see through things” utters Bob, “the loyalist”.  We meet and lose a man named Costas Vasilous, dear to Bob, whom he  was able to assist for many years, and get an insight into the uneven playing field of life on the streets and within the system.

Chess is used throughout with his wanderings with the angel of Death, (John Safran from JJJ).  The hope that emerges for Bob is in his foundation, ‘The Father Bob Maguire Foundation‘ from which he can continue his outreach work and ministration. Bob becomes “Pastor Emeritus, of no position”.

Bob even sheltered the angels of Occupy Melbourne, asking them to fold their wings before they leave, a man of empathy who sees it as it is.

We see the send off given to Bob with Amazing Grace, a packed Church and bagpipe fanfare. The touching thing about this movie is that it was Crowd funded by 325 persons. Thanks to them we get an insight into Bob, those of us that didn’ know him  personally, and his wonderful work. The world needs more Bobs. ‘In Bob We Trust’, a stunning piece of documentary film making narrative and  satirical reflection.


Catherine Meeson


About Author

Catherine Meeson is a solo ambient electro / progressive folk rock songwriter/ composer from Melbourne, fascinated by the wealth of brilliance in the musical world.