Kidkanevil – My Little Ghost (Project Mooncircle/Flau)


my lil ghost

The moment you enter, you know it’s the business. Liquid bass and static response with organ action and imperfections corrupting the signal. Melancholy and wry but that is just the start, the track after all is All is Lost. Earth to G San it moves into a Lullatone inspired ideal melodic plaything with wire slaps, a childhood of digital toy amusement park, all bright tones for the upper register of your nervous system. Inakarau moves into contemporary Japanese dream pop with the distorted vocal and high tone hip hop techniques moving into gameboy fantasy territory. It’s all punch drunk by the end. Then the electronic take on Japanese traditional instrumentation with squelchy bass and warm tonal melodic play. Escape pod skitters away and performs some at a pace to delight your neurons, a busy feast of audio processing with it’s downbeat syncopation and wonky synth action.

Dimension Bomb breaks away from the mould, bringing the piano forte style action to the floor and bombs of bass with swirling effects. Back to gameboy terriorty with butterfly/satellite, the vocoder gets a undertone workout, dogs bark and the Japanese dreampop vocals break back in – it’s crisp entertainment for those brought up on the auditory excitement of an electronic world. Back to the down beat in OG San, complete with spinning atomic effects and radioactive scratches and scrapes melding the background like some form of wind up toy. Toy piano and glitched out effects, weird click and bass stabs moving into a naive piano style is the sum of Shunkanido. Tomie is a bright little number of glockenspiel style play and dystopic undertone, all a little strange in the brightness, a bit wrong. Keroro Dub is like a play in serial form with static beats interrupting an the odd punched out frequency, a few samples, everything fast and furious, then there is the electronic steel drum effects recorded as if underwater. All is not lost repises the entry to the album with a consistent and calm interplay of tonal and bass elements in a generally rollicking manner. The cd bonus track is displayed below – listen and write your own sentence.

“Tokyorkshire” based producer kidkanevil aka Gerard Roberts has teamed up with Japanese producers and Flau records regulars Cuushe, Cokiyu, Submerse, Lullatone, Tetsuya Hikita and Phasma to produce this little gem. It is a fair piece of audio excitement for your nervous system, jump up and down, but don’t reach for the sugar. You may over do it.



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