Kate Carr: Blue / Gail Priest: Green (Flaming Pines / Metal Bitch Recordings)


Great idea this, split LP with each artist exploring a colour, but a difficult one to realise within the field of low fidelity drone music. Kate Carr and Gail Priest are the artists, blue and green the respective colours, created from static, samples, field recording, processing, and remixing of each others material.


Given the abstract nature of the music reference comes mostly from the titles. For Blue Carr calls forth the sea and the night: ‘A Sailor’s Chant’s all sustained low end hum; ‘Low Tide’ more mournful and gaseous. The sustain is chopped and staggered in ‘An Inky Night’, with bursts of record crackle dancing around foghorns, with her re-work of Priest, ‘Perhaps a Greeny Blue’, appropriately imprecise, random low fi tinkerings, like a jostled microphone, over dull grey hiss. Priest bases Green on sounds sourced from her backyard but it remains equally vague. ‘Transmissions’ pairs a pleasing whistle with an odd looped chug; ‘Randolph’s Dream’ is warm trails of crackly feedback with snatches of choir, ‘Ghost Gum’ adding a faint percussive ‘tap’ to the tones above. The cover, oddly, shows a black and white tree, and the music remains similarly hued: an indistinct and disappointing grey.


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