Suede Merit – Wired Wood (The Frequency Lab)


Suede Merit

Sydney-based electronic producer Suede Merit recently caught the attention of Frequency Lab label boss Monk Fly’s FBI radio show, and this download only EP ‘Wired Wood’ offers up the first taste of his work. Particularly interesting is Suede Merit’s overall sampling approach, with the six tracks collected here seeing him fusing field recordings taken with an iPhone with wonky, off-centre beat programming that calls to mind the likes of Flying Lotus and Electric Sea Spider. Indeed, it’s the slightly lo-fi nature of the iPhone’s recording capabilities that often contributes to the appeal here, introducing a delightful sense of ‘scratchiness’ that sits well against the myriad textures being juggled.

‘Untro’ kicks things off with a woozy slide into focus as the sampled sound of kookaburras fades in around pitch-shifted bell percussion loops that glide like a glassy blur of tones, the entire track suddenly shifting a few gears up halfway in a manner that calls to mind early Four Tet. ‘Wired’ kicks the pace up a few notches, sending a swaggering off-centre hiphop beat sliding against what sounds like the looped sound of cutlery as suddenly bursts of synth colour dart around the haphazardly swaying sounds, before ‘Stuck In A Stream’ sees shimmering cut-up harmonics and curvy g-funk synths winding their way into the undergrowth against sub-bass drops and clattering snare rolls. Clocking in at just 15 minutes in running length, this is something of a small and exquisitely formed treat. You can get ‘Wired Wood’ as a name your price download from


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