Various Artists – Heliosphere: Compilation #5 (Uncomfortable Beats)



Uncomfortable Beats – if you’re not already aware – is a small Melbourne label, specialising in niche urban sounds and communal gatherings of local DJs. Heliosphere is the label’s fifth release as a record label, and they now unveil a new platter of talented Australian producers.

This release differs from the previous four compilations in being focused on a more loungey atmosphere, but retains the UK garage and hip-hop sound and soul as the previous compilations. Warmth radiates from Heliosphere, and one track flows seamlessly to another. There isn’t one mediocre track on this release and this is a perfect album to leave playing free on a lazy day.

Artists I wasn’t previously familiar with that stood out for me personally were Sailax, Skomes and Syncretia. Sailax’s ‘Ascend’ delves deep and is executed impeccably. Skomes’ ‘Suufi’ is a dirge of awesome drum hits over middle eastern sampling, done in proper DJ Krush hip-hop instrumental fashion. Syncretia’s ‘All Too Human’ creates a moogy atmosphere that is inscrutable and sums up the overall theme of Heliosphere.

Ghostsoul and Aneurythm also display their signature sounds that are really coming into their own, and represents them as that rare breed of truly authentic producers. Ghostsoul’s simplistic no-frills trip-hop ambiance in ‘A Million Broken Ideas’ is one of those tracks that truly sticks as unique, whilst Aneurythm’s rolling drum loops over broken and discordant keys in ‘Blankets’ is fresh and inimitable.

The overall focus of Heliosphere is more honed than their previous releases and this unique Australian label is showing they are maturing at a rapid rate.


1. Willhem – Poets
2. Sailax – Ascend
3. Durban Poison – Mind Games Part II
4. DTS – Human Essence
5. Able8 – Gumboots
6. Senator J1m – Nearness
7. Busty St Claire – Forked
8. Aneurythm – Blanket
9. Skomes – Suufi
10. Ruffles – Fluent
11. Ghostsoul – A Million Broken Ideas
12. Johnny Faith – Rain Came Down
13. Syncretia – All Too Human



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