THEGNTLMN – Earbuds Volume 1 + 2 (I Had An Accident/cassette tape)



I Had An Accident Records are proving they have their ears wide open to new artists, THEGNTLMN hailing from the West Coast of Australia, which has a thriving local music scene that continues to go under most media’ radar.

The label have released both volumes of the rather fine Earbuds, old school instrumental hip-hop with soul. This is a killer tape, if you’ve ever loved the sounds of Express Rising, Bully artists, Galapagos4 artists, and early DJ Shadow, you will go nuts over this. 18 blunted tunes, big drums, genius spoken word samples, muted horns, and melodic keys. Obscure jazz, soul, and soundtrack samples are expertly chopped and sliced, allowing the drums to ride up high in the mix.

The production really shine’, THEGNTLMN knows his way around a mixing desk, with every drum hit and sample meticulously arranged, even sounds clean being on cassette tape, retaining the tunes dynamics. I have been bumping this in the car for many weeks, often helping me lift my spirits on my journey to and from work. There is a certain abandon to how this beat-tape has been thrown together, but it flows perfectly, from changing drum styles, to the weird spoken segues.

Again, limited numbers are available; I have to start reviewing these cassettes from I Had An Accident a little quicker, because some of them don’ last very long. Get over to their website, get on their mailing list, and get yourself some damn fine tapes.

Wayne Stronell


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