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Brooklyn-based electronic producer Bennett Kuhn first surfaced on Civil Music in 2011 with his debut Slime Beach EP, and two years on the four new tracks collected together on this follow-up 12” EP see him snapping between a range of different bass music styles at what’s often dizzying speed. ‘I Quit’s kicks proceedings off with a jittery juke-centred slant on glistening pop-RNB as rapid-fire machine gun snare rolls rattle beneath manipulated soul vocal samples and dewy synths, the entire track breaking down at one point into a relentless barrage of shuffling drum rhythms that calls to mind the more ferocious end of baile funk more than anything else.

‘NWYRK’ meanwhile opts for stabbing synth-brass samples as footwork-centred 808 toms gather momentum against jazzy horn samples and a delayed-out wash of cut-up vocal samples and sinister orchestral flourishes in what’s easily the most frenetic and gritty moment here, before ‘Boombox’ injects more of an old-school junglist vibe, cutting up a Roxanne Shante-esque female hiphop vocal over nervous, jittery rave synths and clattering, crunked-out percussion rolls. More impressive and unpredictable stuff from Kuhn, and with the download version you also get two tasty bonus remixes of ‘I Quit’s by Pixelord and Time Wharp, who take things off into glittery, swooning Russian juke and spacious gliding tech-house, respectively.

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