h+ – GIGA (Wood & Wire)


Whilst GIGA, the debut release from Perth’s Jacob Ruthferd, can sometimes feel like a lonely, even anxious listen, it never feels overwhelmingly so. Combining electronic minimalism with experimental noise, GIGA clearly comes from someone looking outward, with a vast amount of fascination with the world around him.

The 18-year-old’s interest in transhumanism and futurism shines through on the tense and slow-moving opener ‘Hoia Baciu’. What sound like baby dinosaur noises permeate over a keyboard progression not dissimilar to Radiohead’s ‘Everything In Its Right Place’. Whilst a distinctly Australian female voice describes eerie events occurring in the Romanian forest the song takes its name from, the song feels oddly warm and calming.

‘Planetary Resources Inc.’ is the albums delightfully harshest moment, with twinkling glitchy synths that struggle to be heard over harsh guitar feedback. The real highlight though is the gorgeous ‘With Stars For Eyes’, with sparkling and metallic keyboards that play over gentle whirling ambience to hypnotic effect.

Despite GIGA‘s nervous energy, Ruthferd comes across as a very engaged musician with no shortage of inspiration. Although not without missteps – nine minute closer ‘ God’s Big Noise’ does overstay its welcome somewhat – this release is a bold and promising debut with a wide scope. It’s available now free from the Wood & Wire website.

Wyatt Lawton-Masi


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