Anonymeye – Six Improvisations For Computer and Guitar (Twice Removed Records)


It seems inherent in a lot of music-making nowadays that artists are aware of the sometimes overwhelming amount being produced, but Brisbane musician Andrew Tuttle aka Anonymeye acknowledges this a lot more consciously in his latest EP, with seventeen minutes of calming and minimal abstract folk and electronica.

That perfunctory title should tell you all you need to know – recorded over two days after packing away most of his home studio, the EP features processed but generally relaxed improvisations. Moving in and out of optimistic, gently played guitar lines and seas of hypnotic, shimmering electronic ambience, Tuttle creates a harmonious and evocative mix conducive to relaxation and repose.

This is charmingly unfussed-over music- even down to the song titles of ‘One’ through to ‘Six’. Bright, patient & meditative – it’s a warm and welcoming release, perfect for the imminent Australian summer.

Wyatt Lawton-Masi