Unearthed from Airwaves – Reinterpretations of Saibotuk (IO Sound)


Unearthed from Airwaves is a remix compilation album based on sounds sourced from Saibotuk’ Tactical Tape Loop Division (2008). A range of artists including, i8u, Tomas Phillips, Richard Chartier, Jeff Carey, Coingutter and Scant intone contribute to the release. Saibotuk himself also features with two live pieces at the tail end of the album.

All of the tracks on this compilation reside in a similar sonic terrain, one that is filled with low resonant bass drones, radio static and tuning, and an assortment hums, glitches and distorted noise. Consequently, the tracks on Unearthed from Airwaves fall into dark ambient/noisescape territory, and whilst the aforementioned timbral elements are consistent throughout the compilation, each artist shapes them in their own distinct manner. This is most evident on Coingutter’ industrial beat driven “A little night music’ and Jeff Carey’ rapid fire assortment of abrasive, yet audibly digestible, noise bursts as heard on “Cut 0.3′. Elsewhere, Scant Intone’ meditative “Earos (RMX)’ offers a sense of respite with its warm, elongated bass drones.

Unearthed from Airwaves is an engaging listen; a well organised compilation that finds the featured artists thoughtfully reimaging and reinterpreting Saibotuk’ original source material.

Luke Bozzetto


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