Capitol K – Andean Dub (Faith & Industry)


Andean Dub, the sixth full-length from producer Kristian Craig Robinson aka Capitol K, offers 11 tracks of some of the most interesting left-field dub-infused electronic music that I’ve heard in a very long time. Holding true to the title of the album, the sound is very much one rooted in slow bouncing dub, however each individual track has its own unique and distinct influences; with each track adding to the overly ‘organised chaos’ feel of the release.

‘Celestial’ kicks of proceedings with a minute and a half of sustained synths completely drowned in tropical percussion, setting a tone for the distinct sound of the album yet to present itself.

The following track, ‘Yo Tarzan, Jane’, is equally as wacky and explorative, sounding like a reggae/dub revival track straight out of the ’80s. Stacked synth lines and bounding percussion give the song immense texture, with dub guitars lying beneath sticking true to the overall aesthetic of the album.

‘Huayno’, one of the more interesting tracks, sounds more like it belongs as a demo patch on a $5 keyboard than on a commercial release, however, it actually works very well amongst the other tracks; highlighting the joviality and light-hearted nature of Capitol K as a producer, especially on Andean Dub.

The title track for the release, ‘Andean Dub’, is a standout amongst the rest, and perhaps my favourite on the album. Led into by raw percussion and pan flutes, eventually joined by deeper drums and odd sound effects, it’s a bubbly four minutes that I found it hard not to dance along to.

While definitely being on the more experimental end of things, Andean Dub is an excellent listen, especially for those who look for an extra element of creativity and fun in their musical explorations.

Joshua Millar


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