Ollo – Transistor Resistor/Full Stop Blue (Metal Postcard)



It’s been a few years since we last heard from Sydney-based electronic duo Ollo, with the surprise emergence of this latest double A-side 7″ on Metal Postcard signalling the first taste of an upcoming new album, as well as a considerable stylistic shift. While Ollo’s preceding The If If album saw them adding textural and instrumental layers to their sound, the two tracks presented here represent a leaner electro-pop vehicle grounded around vintage analogue synths and the duo’s extensive collection of obscure retro-electronic records.

On the A-side, ‘Transistor Resistor easily represents the jauntier side of the equation, with new drummer Rory Toomey laying down a rigid motorik beat against burbling analogue synth pulses and Alex Crowfoot’s oddly Hot Chip-meets-Devo vocal, the tension in his syllables nicely counterpointing the jerky, slightly nervous synth grooves. Over on the flip, ‘Full Stop Blue’ plays a considerably different card, taking things down into icy downbeat minimalism that’s more reminiscent of the likes of The Normal while Crowfoot offers up what’s easily the closest thing to a straight out love song that Ollo have done to date, the shimmering, icy synth pads adding just the right emotional edge whilst also teasing as to where Ollo may be headed next. As a bonus, you also get an additional download track ‘Ned Kelly In A Burqua’, which almost calls to mind a retro TV cop show chase theme, as clicking drum machines and funky bass synths wander against Crowfoot’s “you’re better off a thief” chorus hook. A welcome return that’s been worth the wait.

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